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About Us

We pride ourselves on our dependability, experience and passion for animals. Check out some of the things that set us apart!

We are:

  • Bonded and Insured through Canadian Pet Pro

  • A dedicated team whose priority is ensuring the safety and happiness of your dog

  • Animal lovers and lifelong pet owners!


We provide:

  • ​Small group walks consisting of 3 - 4 dogs in a pack

  • A team of dog walkers to ensure you have support should your dog walker be sick or on vacation

  • Fun, detailed recaps and photos of our walks sent to you via our dog walking app!

  • Direct contact from our team

  • All dog walks done on foot so your dog will never be sitting in a vehicle 

  • Tons of exercise so your dog will be tired when they come home

  • A customized experience for your dog based on your specific requests and desires.

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